Our Mission


Volunteers of America, Utah (VOAUT) provides a bridge to self-reliance and health for vulnerable individuals and populations who struggle with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness in our Wasatch Front communities. We seek to be the best organization to eliminate despair, foster hope, and facilitate safety, stability, and empowerment among some of the most vulnerable people in Utah by operating human services programs and providing opportunities for people to experience the joy of serving others.

VOAUT Homeless Youth Services

Volunteers of America, Utah works to break down barriers that have kept youth on the streets. Through a continuum of care including VOAUT Prevention Services, the VOAUT Youth Resource Center, and our Transitional Homes for young women and men, we help break down barriers including lack of stable housing, education, and work skills, as well as addiction, mental illness, and legal issues. At first, they might just come in for a meal, a shower, or safe place to stay. Once trust is built, our professional staff can assist them as they change their lives. Where there is hope, there is a way.

  • 331 youth accessed shelter beds at our Youth Resource Center

  • Our prevention services provided counseling to 2,275 students in grades K-12

  • A total of 658 individuals were served by our homeless youth programming (includes Youth Resource Center, Young Men’s Transition Home, and Young Women’s Transition Home)

  • 69% of clients from the Young Men’s Transition Home and 67% of clients from the Young Women’s Transition Home gained employment

  • Maud’s Café graduated 5 interns, 3 are in training, and 5 are meeting with the Intern Manager to get involved with the program

Positive Youth Initiatives


In January, we opened Maud’s Café, a job training program for homeless youth who we met at our Youth Resource Center as well as our Youth Transition Homes. Since its opening, Maud’s Café has become a gathering place for the community and has graduated five interns who have increased their incomes by entering or pursuing new paths in the community. We also celebrated the two-year anniversary of the opening of our Youth Resource Center where we have, in total, served over 1,000 unduplicated youth with a safe space and support for their journey to self-sufficiency.

Maud’s Café

Maud’s Café is a new employment training program for homeless and at-risk youth from Volunteers of America, Utah’s youth programs. During their time at Maud’s Café, interns learn marketable skills and become excellent employees so they can become self-sufficient and reach their full potential. Since opening, Maud’s Café has graduated five interns and sent them into new careers, fundamental education, and on to the next steps in their lives. We are proud to help integrate these youth – who have overcome trauma, homelessness, and other great hardships - into the community.


Volunteering Inquires

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Fundraising & Sponsorship Inquires

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